eyup! i’m Matt Abbott, and i’m a Wakefield-born poet, educator, and activist. my ‘grown-up’ themes mainly centre around social commentary, the human side of political issues, and kitchen sink realism.

my poetry for children centres around playful rebellion, challenging societal stereotypes and the struggles of modern life.

i’m available for performances, educational work and commissions worldwide. feel free to contact me for further information! i’m also known for being the lyricist/frontman in indie band Skint & Demoralised and for running spoken word record label Nymphs & Thugs.

Matt Abbott’s poem ‘Red, White & Blue’

Matt Abbott’s spoken word studio album ‘Two Little Ducks’

Matt Abbott’s poem ‘Big School’

‘Two Little Ducks’ book and digital studio album available to purchase!

Matt Abbott Poet | Two Little Ducks
‘Two Little Ducks’ book published by VERVE Poetry Press

‘A Hurricane in my Head’ book available to purchase!

‘A Hurricane in my Head’ book published by Bloomsbury

Skint & Demoralised ‘We Are Humans’ album available on digital and vinyl!

Matt Abbott Poet | Skint & Demoralised
‘We Are Humans’ album released by Fierce Panda Records

poet, educator & activist