“A contemporary spoken soul breathing new life into performance poetry for children” Eastfield Primary Academy

“I never liked poetry before; but now I love it” Cornelius Vermuyden School Y8 pupil

Since summer of 2013, I have been delivering a range of spoken word and poetry workshops for both formal and non-formal learning groups, from primary school pupils through to adults.

I’ve worked for a range of organisations including museums and galleries; educational organisations; arts and music festivals; and community groups and charities. I am able to tailor sessions to a variety of desired outcomes and objectives.

My main strengths are my enthusiasm and confidence building, and my ability to articulate to specific groups and individuals as required. I have no formal teaching experience or qualifications; I simply have a passion for words and poetry.

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“Matt came in to work with our Y3 children; his poetry work was very engaging & allowed the children to develop their own ideas. This was clear as their work during the English poetry unit was of a very high standard. I’d recommend Matt to any teacher looking to get children interested in poetry” Warwick Road Primary School

In terms of formal education work, as well as the standard set-up I’ve also worked with GCSE pupils that were flagged up as struggling in English, pupils that have been excluded from mainstream education and voluntary after-school groups.

Matt Abbott Poet | Lea Forest Primary Academy

Outside of formal education, I’ve worked with refugees and asylum seekers, youth offending teams, homeless charities and NEETs, as well as adults that have signed up for writing and/or performance workshops through festivals and events.

I have a clean DBS certificate from November, and a fully clean UK driving licence. I am currently based in London, but still regularly work in West Yorkshire and happy to travel nationwide. Below are some of my previous clients.

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poet, educator & activist.