Earlier this year, Nymphs & Thugs received the amazing news that Salena Godden’s ‘LIVEwire’ was shortlisted for The Poetry Society’s prestigious Ted Hughes Award. So we celebrated with some huge announcements of our own…

The ‘LIVEwire’ album, which has already received 5* in The i Paper, will be released on 2LP gatefold vinyl on 12 May. There’s already a Special Edition CD and high quality zine available to purchase, alongside the vinyl pre-order which is here.

So in order to support the vinyl release, we’re hitting the road. The dates are Norwich (10 May), Peterborough (11 May), Chelmsford (12 May), London (19 May), Manchester (24 May), Leeds (25 May) and Derby (26 May).

I’ll be appearing on all of the dates, as will Salena, and the line-ups on other nights vary; see the links above for the full details. We then head to Byline Festival in West Sussex from 2-4 June, where Salena will curate The LIVEwire Salon.

poet, educator & activist

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