I’m thrilled to be launching a new quarterly spoken word night in Leeds, through my Nymphs & Thugs label. We’re producing it under our ‘LIVEwire’ banner, which covers a string of events around the UK and on the festival circuit.

Seven Arts has always been one of my favourite venues, having regularly gigged there since late 2014, and it means a lot to be bringing this quarterly event to their cafe/bar area. My main aim will be to bridge the geographical divide on the UK scene; be it the best London-based poets or those north of the border.

We start tonight with Maria Ferguson and Toria Garbutt, and future events will include sets from Cecilia Knapp, Louise Fazackerley, Nafeesa Hamid, Gemma Baker and more. The events are all Pay As You Feel (#PAYF) and include an open mic section.


Matt Abbott Poet | LIVEwire

poet, educator & activist

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