Back in September, I was asked to write a poem for a schools group called Academies Enterprise Trust (AET), with a title of ‘Remarkable Lives’ as my only brief. After meeting with AET and chatting about their set-up, I created the poem below – which was then performed by a selection of their pupils in Birmingham.

The ‘Remarkable Lives’ poem commissioned by AET

Since then, AET schools have really embraced the concept across Primary and Secondary, and I’ve started visiting them to deliver #RemarkableLives poetry sessions. So far, they’ve gone down a storm and have involved pupils from Year 1 up to Year 9.

Lea Forest Primary in Birmingham had a mural of the poem created, and I spent a full day delivering workshops to their pupils yesterday before giving a special reading of the poem next to their “Remarkable Wall”.

Performing the poem in front of the Lea Forest Academy mural

The response from the pupils has been incredibly humbling, and it’s really exciting to see all of the different interpretations of the theme. I’m keen to work with as many pupils as possible, so if you’re interested in a #RemarkableLives poetry visit to your school, please get in touch via the Contact page and I’ll respond ASAP.

These workshops are by no means exclusive to AET schools, and the #RemarkableLives theme is only a suggestion – I always tailor my visits specifically to each school.

There’s more information about my educational work in general on this page. I have a DBS certificate from November 2018, a full UK driving licence and a 26-30 Railcard for trips which involve public transport as opposed to driving. I’m currently based in East London but am constantly working around the UK.

Below is a collage from my Lea Forest Primary visit!

Matt Abbott Poet | Lea Forest Primary Academy

poet, educator & activist

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