We burst back onto the scene with ‘Boro Kitchen 4am‘ back on 29 March, and now our follow-up single ‘#RefugeesWelcome‘ is out in the world – released digitally by Fierce Panda in the build-up to our forthcoming fourth album.

Skint & Demoralised new single ‘#RefugeesWelcome’ out now

Those of you who’ve seen, read or listened to ‘Two Little Ducks‘ will recognise a couple of snippets in the lyrics to the new single. Rather than laziness, it’s a direct overlap between TLD and the new S&D album. I’m no stranger to the fact that S&D’s music has greater potential for reaching a wider audience than my poetry, and I wanted to take the opportunity to give these messages as big a platform as possible.

Anyway, have a listen, download it if you can afford to, and if you’re anywhere near Leeds, come and see us at Hyde Park Book Club on 10 July (tickets here). Ta!

poet, educator & activist

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