With no work on the horizon, none of my regular income streams available for the foreseeable future and a concrete reason not to leave the house, I’ve been trying to think outside the box for a solution. And this is what I came up with…

You can now purchase handwritten copies of my Leeds United centenary poem here. They’re written on 300gsm A4 watercolour paper, in black UniBall Fine Eye pen.

Leeds United centenary poem

I was originally commissioned to write a poem for the club’s centenary kit launch back in July, which was voiced by Ralph Ineson. I then developed that poem and posted it on the club’s actual birthday in October, which was shared by both the club and the chairman on Twitter.

Copies of the poem cost £9.99 plus P+P (UK 1st Class) and I aim to post them all within 24 hours of the order coming in. Huge thanks for all of your support so far!

My poem for Leeds United, voiced by Ralph Ineson

poet, educator & activist

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