I remember it clear as day. Tuesday 3 September 2015, my Mum knocked on my front door having been for what I thought was a routine check-up at the hospital. My ex answered the door, and when my Mum didn’t say anything, I was called down in a panic. Mum looked to be in a daze. As soon as I asked her if she was OK, she told me that she had cancer.

Now, we’re incredibly lucky that Tuesday 13 October – six weeks later to the day – she recovered from major surgery and was fully clear of cancer, and it hasn’t returned since. I realise that diagnosis to all-clear in six weeks is borderline miraculous, but I’ll never forget that moment when she told me that she had cancer…the dread, the fear, the panic.

So, I was really honoured when Cancer Research UK commissioned me to write this reversible poem for their pledge campaign. They’re encouraging supporters to leave a pledge in their will, in order to continue the fight against cancer. There’s more information on the CRUK website, and the poem is below. I hope you enjoy it.

Matt Abbott Poet | Cancer Research poem
Reversible poem for Cancer Research UK

poet, educator & activist

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