4 years to the day since the UK woke to the news that Leave had won the EU referendum, I’m performing my #TwoLittleDucks show in full on Facebook Live. Click here for the event page.

The hour-long one-man show is a sequence of 22 poems. The poems follow 3 alternating strands. First, the reasons for the working-class Leave vote. Second, my eyewitness accounts from the Calais Jungle refugee camp. Third, the fictionalised story of a character called Maria.

Matt Abbott Poet | Two Little Ducks
‘Two Little Ducks’ Facebook Live gig on Wednesday 24 June

It’ll be weird, because I’ll be sat on my settee in my living room. But I’m really proud of the show and want to make it as accessible as possible during the lockdown. If you want to ask any questions at the end of the performance, I’ll happily stay on the broadcast and answer them as best I can. Ta.

The poems from #TwoLittleDucks were published as my debut poetry collection by Verve Poetry Press. Signed copies of the book are available here.

Matt Abbott ‘Two Little Ducks’ theatrical trailer

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“An artist with something to say, who knows how to say it” The Scotsman
‘Highly Recommended’ by FringeReview UK

Matt Abbott Poet | Two Little Ducks
Matt Abbott ‘Two Little Ducks’ poetry collection

poet, educator & activist

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