I’ve performed ‘Two Little Ducks’ at Edinburgh Fringe, in the cellar of a Welsh pub, in the attic of a Glasgow bar, and in theatres and arts centres around the UK. And now I’ve performed it on my settee.

It was surreal but enjoyable nevertheless. I’m really pleased that I’ve been given the opportunity to perform the show online in such a relaxed way. I know that a lot of folk never had the chance to see it on stage, for various reasons.

The poems still mean an awful lot to me and I’ve learnt to appreciate the show in a new way. Unfortunately, it feels just as relevant in the current climate as it ever did.

Anyway, you can watch it on Facebook, IGTV, or YouTube (below). I hope you enjoy it. Signed copies of the resulting poetry collection are available here, and there’s a donations page here. Ta!

Matt Abbott ‘Two Little Ducks’ lockdown performance

poet, educator & activist

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