It’s mad to think that we even need to have Human Rights Day. To remind people what human rights are and why they’re important. And, in all honesty, before I was approached to write a response to Article 25 of the UDHR, I didn’t realise how many human rights were being abused on a daily basis in the UK.

Fuel Theatre commissioned me to write this poem as part of the Fly The Flag campaign. In total, there were over 32 poets commissioned, including some of my favourite poets on the scene right now including Cecilia Knapp and Casey Bailey.

My poem is set to visuals by Idle Work Factory and I’m dead proud of how it’s all come together.

Matt Abbott poetry commission for Fly The Flag

Please check out their site and also the other poetry commissions. I’ve been a social and political activist as long as I’ve been a poet, so it means the world that I was chosen for this project. And I hope it goes some way to making a difference. Ta!

poet, educator & activist

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