Ahead of my run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, I’m staging some preview shows of ‘Two Little Ducks’ at a small selection of my favourite venues. The dates are as follows:

The events will feature a couple of support acts, and offer you a sneak peek at my first full length run up in Edinburgh. The show runs at Underbelly Cowgate from 3-27 August (except for Monday 14), and tickets are available here.

Here’s the show description:

From council estates to the Calais Jungle, Matt Abbott uses razor-sharp wit, storytelling and linguistic flair to present this deeply personal and political show. Humorous and harrowing, celebratory and confrontational; a vital poetic journey for 2017.

Native to a city that voted 66% leave, Matt Abbott uses socio-political commentary and kitchen-sink realism to illuminate and explore the chaos behind Brexit. From the aftermath of the Thatcher years to overnight pie shops and MegaBus marathons, this is poetry for the underdog from one of our leading new voices. A warm, engaging, vital and visceral spoken word experience.

poet, educator & activist

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