Trinity Homeless Projects’ Big SleepOut 2017

In summer 2015, I was approached by Trinity Homeless Projects after they found my poem I Matter online. Since then I’ve become an ambassador for the charity, and the poem has become their official “anthem”. That December, I bedded down for their Big SleepOut event in Hillingdon, and it had a huge impact on me. I did it again in 2016, and will be completing my hat-trick next week…

I’m rounding up a small gang of poets to take part in the fundraising, and also to perform a couple of pieces to the shivering crowd on the night! Poets Against Homelessness has so far confirmed Genevieve L. Walsh and Mark Coverdale, and will be adding more names over the next couple of days. We’ll be given a cardboard box, a plastic sheet and a flask for hot drinks.

Trinity do incredible work, and the Uxbridge has the third largest homelessness problem in the country; behind Westminster and Manchester. The Big SleepOut is incredibly effective, and whilst it’s clearly nowhere near as harrowing as sleeping rough on the streets for real, it gives you a miniscule insight into what life might be like when you’re street homeless.

So if you could please chuck in a few quid, we’d be very grateful. We’ve set a modest target of £500, and I reckon we can manage it in a few weeks. Guests on the night will range from Russell Brand to Boris Johnson MP, and as always, it promises to be a truly memorable occasion. That’s all for now. If you fancy joining us, contact me ASAP on as I’ll have to register you! Ta.

Click here to vist our #PoetsAgainstHomelessness fundraising page.

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