eyup! the crossover between poetry and various other subcultures has always been something that’s interested me in all aspects of my practice (writing, performing, producing, and educating). and i’ve been handed a huge opportunity to tackle that crossover with this exciting project.

funded as part of the build-up to the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC21), i’m coordinating a load of poetry workshops that’ll take place across the M62 corridor. these workshops will see professional poets delivering relaxed and engaging sessions to a range of groups: from Rugby League-loving families in Garforth to a group of female retirees called The Golden Girls in Warrington.

the aim of the workshops is to either attract Rugby League fans into libraries or entice library users into Rugby League! i’ll be delivering some of the sessions alongside some of my favourite poets, including Louise Fazackerley, Toria Garbutt, Joe Hakim, and Vicky Foster.

it’s a wonderful project and i can’t wait to see it grow as the tournament edges nearer.

below, i’ll regularly update the full list of sessions as they’re confirmed. so, keep checking back in case we announce one on your doorstep! this project is being part-funded by RLWC21 and Libraries Connected, who i’m immensely grateful to. hopefully, see you at one of these…ta for now.

poet, educator & activist

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